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The color of the text can make it a little hard to read at some points, but it's a great game! The art is lovely and it's very well written! I loved playing it!

The plot twist at the end was totally unexpected xD I enjoyed the game a lot!!! <3

i loved this so much !! the art style is so fitting and more , amazing job to anyone who helped on this !!

too players 

(  if you cant see the whole screen , zoom out your computer , you'll find this at the top of the task bar , its the three dots )


The game is really pretty and well written! However, the text is a bit hard to read and some of the color choices are not very consistent (sometimes you can make a choice in red color, sometimes you press an arrow, sometimes it's a blue last sentence, etc.) and I actually had a lot of trouble finding the tiny blue arrow to go to "next" and at first thought it bugged or just was those few first slides... x( But anyway a great game, very well done!

this is so cute <3